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Scholarship Form


This information contained thereon is intended for the private use of HATA. It is not intended for distribution or use by any other person or organization other than the HATA Board of Directors. The information contained hereon is not releasable by any member of the Board. Its contents are not to be discussed by any person privy to the information contained in this form.

Date of Request: _________________________

Player’s Full Name: ____________________________________

Player’s Age and Birth date: _____________________________

Parent’s Full Name: ____________________________________

Parents Address: ___________________________________________________________

Parents work and home phone numbers: __________________________________________________________________________


Scholarships may include: USTA Jr. Membership $19; League Fee $30; and Racquet (approx. $100).

Justification: (Provide details of hardship, why the scholarship is requested and level of scholarship requested. Use back of this form for additional space if needed.)

Mail request to: Huntsville Area Tennis Association, 169 Manningham Drive, Madison, AL 35758For additional information: Greg Meyer, USTA Junior Team Tennis Coordinator at