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USTA Leagues

USTA has Fall and Spring leagues, Mixed Doubles, Mixed Indoor Doubles, Tri-level Doubles, and Flex Singles/Doubles.  The age divisions are Adult (age 18 ), Senior (age 50 ) and Super Senior (age 60 ).  See the 'Leagues' tab at, select '2012 Local League Calendars for All Leagues', then 'Huntsville' for specific registration, roster deadlines, and days of play for USTA Leagues.  Contact Jeff Burns (, our USTA local league coordinator, with questions about league play.

Southern Combo Doubles

USTA Southern Section has a Combo Doubles league in the summer. See the 'Leagues' tab at, select '2012 Local League Calendars for All Leagues', then 'Huntsville' for specific registration, roster deadlines, and days of play for Southern Combo Doubles. For more information, contact Jeff Burns.

Huntsville Women's Tennis Association (HWTA)

HWTA has round robin tennis sessions each Tuesday and Wednesday morning at the Huntsville Tennis Center.

Huntsville Industrial Tennis League (HITL)

The Huntsville Industrial Tennis League plays from April through September.  Traditionally, teams have been formed by players employed by the same company in Huntsville.  However, now teams recruit from the entire tennis community.  Teams are formed based on skill level only (players must have a USTA NTRP rating).  There is an end of year tournment.  More information can be found on their web site,

World Team Tennis (WTT)

The Huntsville Athletic Club (HAC) is the home of World Team Tennis in Huntsville.  The league is based on age, gender, and skill level (players must have a USTA NTRP rating).  Teams must have both men and women, but players can have different skill levels.  Each team plays against other teams of the same skill level. The team's skill level is determined based on a formula found at the WTT website,  The season is played indoors December through February.  Players have to be members of HAC.  For more information contact Steve Sumners, WTT Local Commissioner