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Interested in Supporting Tennis in our Area?

The Huntsville Area Tennis Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and as such will provide a federal tax-exempt letter for all donations.

HATA Grant Program

HATA provides grants to our member organizations so they can conduct programs such as junior tennis, player development, and tennis camps.  Contributions are welcome.


Used racquets for our junior tennis camps.


Our member organizations need volunteers to conduct their programs.  Get involved by helping with these programs.

Capital Campaign for Huntsville Tennis Center Improvements

HATA has undertaken a fundraising campaign to assist the Huntsville Tennis Center's Board of Control in raising funds for improvements to the Huntsville Tennis Center.  

The Huntsville Tennis Center's Board of Control's Master Plan:

  • Our plan is to expand the facility in two phases.
  • First Expansion Phase - add 6 new courts and a new bathroom to the west of the present facility
  • Second Expansion Phase - add 10 courts north of the hard courts, a bathroom, and a hitting wall
  • City is in agreement with our plan but the tennis community must fund half the cost
    • Many requests for city $ and unless requestors are willing to fund a significant portion of the cost, the city feels it must not be that important
  • First Phase will require $250,000 for our portion by June 2015 (to make 2016 city budget)
  • Second Phase will require about $400,000 for our portion
  • Will begin First Expansion Phase earlier than 2016 using our portion of the funds raised
  • HTC will match donations (up to about $100,000) from:
    • Individual donations
    • Tennis organization donations, such as HWTA
    • Team donations 

Additional infomation about the expansion and donor incentives can be found in two attachments located in the 'News' section of this site.  Donations are being accepted and are tax deductable.  Please use 'Paypal Donate' button below.

Memorial Bricks

Memorial bricks of various sizes can be purchased.  The bricks are placed in the courtyard of the Huntsville Tennis Center.  Proceeds from the sale of these bricks are used to support other HATA programs.  For more infomation, contact Front Desk at HTC.