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Huntsville Area Tennis Association

Huntsville Area Tennis Association, Inc (HATA) is a Non-profit Corporation.  HATA is a member of the United States Tennis Association and registered as an Community Tennis Association (Umbrella).  For information about our Board of Directors, Officers, and Bylaws, use the 'Choose a topic' button above. 

Mission:  HATA is the support organization whose mission is to promote and increase participation in USTA programs and to unify Huntsville area tennis by supporting the programs of the individual tennis organizations in the area which contribute to our mission. These organizations include Huntsville Women's Tennis Association, Huntsville Tennis Center, Madison Dublin Park Tennis, Space City Racquet Club, and the Huntsville Industrial Tennis League.  As an Umbrella Community Tennis Association, HATA obtains grants from the USTA, accepts donations, and raises funds to support the HATA mission. 

Member Organizations:

Huntsville Women's Tennis Association (HWTA):  HWTA is a 40 year old organization steeped in history and tradition, whose members are dedicated ladies with a mission of promoting tennis in Huntsville.  It is organized to support youth tennis, the public tennis facility, ladies tennis and the local tennis community.  It also provides a social network of lady tennis players that can be a source of tennis players, matches and social interaction.  It is a great source of information about tennis events.  For more information, see their web page at

Space City Racquet Club:  The Space City Racquet Club was formed in the early 70's to promote tennis among the area's minority citizens.  It not only provides tennis programs, but also has academic and mentoring programs that reach out to the youth (of all races) in our community. 

Huntsville Industrial Tennis League (HITL): HITL is a local non-profit, spring to fall, tennis league in Huntsville.  They offer a unique playing format that stresses affordability, flexibility, and competition.  For more information, see their web page